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One of the most important part of a newborn session, or any session involving kids and their parents, is the parent shots with their new baby. Skin to skin photos are my absolute favorite! Showing how safe and happy a baby feels cuddling in mom or dad's arms is all I am looking for when I take these photos.




Skin to skin contact, also called Kangaroo Care is holding a baby bare chest to bare chest. It helps newborns adjust to being outside the womb. It is recommended to do this as much as possible during the first days of a baby's life. Besides having many benefits, when a baby is touching mom or dad's (let's not forget dads are very important too) skin, the baby feels safe and relaxed. This is exactly what I want to capture during this part of the session. that beautiful moment that is only mom, dad and their new tiny human...nothing more and nothing less!


Remember that your baby will not be this tiny forever. I always encourage my clients to take a few shots with their newborn baby, skin-to-skin or not it is something that you wont have back and you might regret not having them! I understand that moms might be a little self conscious after you know, growing a human inside their belly for 9 months, and for that reason these type of shots are taken in a very flatter angle and they are from the high waist up. So, no need to feel nervous about it. I want this day for you to feel relaxed and pampered. Just come to the studio and enjoy not having to take care of the baby for a few hours! Take a nap if you feel like it!  I will assure you will LOVE these pictures with your baby!