The Photography Experience


Imagine. Surrounding yourself with beautiful custom photographs of your newborn baby and your beautiful family on every milestone. Precious memories artfully framed, printed on wood or a beautiful photography book for your walls, bookshelves, and nursery filled with heirloom photographs. The true joy of photography is seeing, enjoying, and sharing your custom portraits with friends and loved ones. This is art that adds meaningful quality to your life, and beauty to your home...EVERYDAY. Your photos are created to be viewed and admired, not to be tucked away in a computer or phone. Do you remember how fun it was to go through a picture album with your parents or your grandparents? Flipping those shiny pages filled with great memories and history…. their legacy to you!

Getting to know you and your family is one of the most important things to create the perfect custom photography experience. I want to customize your session focusing on what is most important to you and your goals for these photographs. Before we speak over the phone, I want you to ask yourself why are you doing this, what these pictures mean to you and how you would like to display them. I understand the importance of digital images as a back-up but, the true meaning of photographs comes to life when they are tangible, when you can see them on your wall or in a book to really savor that memory and to go back to the moment they were taken. With this in mind, I will help you create the best portrait package for you. I offer a handpicked selection of professional photography products designed to give you joy for a lifetime. I also provide guidance to help you make choices that fit your style and budget, along with options to best share your new portraits.


Booking your photography session

Booking a session with me is very simple, just choose the session or session bundle you would like to book, after we speak over the phone to find out if my services are the right fit for you, I will send over your client portal that will have my contract and a session design questionnaire. Once you filled these out electronically and pay your booking fee you are all set!

With me, you only purchase what you love, AFTER reviewing your images and choosing your favorites. There is no minimum order so there is no need to choose a photography package prior to your session or pay in full for photographs you have not even seen! You place your order with your favorite images at the big REVEAL!

All my sessions include:


Complimentary consultation

Access to my exclusive prop collection

Hand-edited gallery to choose your images

Gallery reveal ordering appointment


Session day

So exciting! Finally, the day of the session has arrived. Before this day we already exchanged a few emails or spoke over the phone more than once. If you booked a newborn photography session, I will send you a prep guide with all the the information needed to get ready before you come to my North Jersey studio located in Lincoln Park, NJ.

If you booked a maternity, milestone or family session, we will discuss before this day about outfits, what to bring, where to meet and how the session will flow.

Just know that I will take care of your family like my own and I will create beautiful images for you at the same time. I want the memory of your session with me to be one of comfort, relaxation, fun and touching sentiment that your family legacy is being recorded with creativity, consistency and professionalism.


the big reveal!

Around two or three weeks after your session, we will meet again to review your images. I carefully hand edit every image on your gallery to perfection. Then I will create a beautiful slideshow for you to enjoy in a big screen and we will go through them TOGETHER. This is one of the highlights of the whole experience and the one that I enjoy the most. Sharing this with my clients makes me happy and I will never get tired of it!

While we go through your images and you will select your favorites. With me, you only take home what you LOVE and nothing more. There is no minimum investment! With my easy 2-step “create your own collection” process, you will receive both, heirloom art products and digital images. If you prefer to print your images on your own. you can purchase digital collections a la carte. It’s that simple and the best part is that it will be fun and I am with you every step of the way!


after your order is placed

A few weeks after your photography order is placed, your artwork will arrive to my studio and we meet again for you to receive your heirloom products. You can proudly hang on your wall a stunning piece of art showcasing your beautiful family.... your LEGACY... your HISTORY.... your LOVE. Nothing will be better than seeing this art collection grow while the years pass. You get to look back and relive your most memorable milestones in your life, together with your family. Telling your story to generations to come!

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